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I decided to share my interview with Jessi Hans on the last day of 2020 because it is one of the most inspiring and motivating conversations I’ve had with a guest.

Buckle up because in this episode we talk about…Leadership, professional development, homelessness, questioning the way things are done, values, and more!

Jessi’s Bio: Jessi Hans is a daring optimist, culture shifter, and mission optimizer… also, a nonprofit executive. She is driven to provide workplace environments that allow individuals to become the fullest version of themselves, creating new solutions and systems that greatly impact their mission.

She has worked in human services for 16 years in a variety of roles. Collecting stories from clients, coworkers, and bosses, Jessi saw common themes in the work and the workplace that just didn’t seem to be cohesive with the stated missions. It raised many questions, one of which was “how can we be healers if we create and perpetuate unhealthy environments and habits?” We cannot. We must challenge the status quo.

Growth mindset and unlimited optimism can make for a fun time, mostly because this is a recipe for discomfort and disappointment. As Brene Brown says, “if we want to be in the arena, we are going to get our butts kicked.” These moments can be a stepping stone to greatness if that’s how we choose to see them.

Today, we step into that arena to find out a little more about Jessi, her work, her family, and what makes her keep going back for more.

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Episode 5